Experience Does Make A Difference

Headquartered in Halifax Nova Scotia, Homburg International Group is redefining the way business is done on an international scale. Known as experts in real estate, and diversified across industries, we love what we do. We believe that our culture is our brand and we have invested, financially and emotionally, in developing a vibrant, fun, effective corporate culture.

Homburg International Group is involved in various and diversified business interests and divisions including real estate investment and management, construction and development, aviation, retail, educational, hospitality, and other business interests worldwide.

We strive to be on the cutting edge of what will make a successful future workplace, and our employees live the values we prescribe. We strive to be thoughtful leaders who responsibly guide in a productive direction. We are committed to excellence.

Homburg International Group is always innovating. We hire smart people who are the best in their fields and let them do their jobs with support and minimal interference. From a business to business perspective, Homburg is an excellent partner who listens and participates actively so that projects exceed expectations.

A great business will always make you feel like you belong.

Welcome to The Homburg International Group.

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1741 Brunswick Street, Suite 600
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 3X8
P: 902.468.3395
F: 902.468.2457
E: info@homburg.com


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